Starlay Governance Process

Phase 1. Discussion

Any member of the Starlay Community can initiate a new topic and contribute to the discussion. To do this, navigate the DISCUSSION channel and create a new topic using the (+) button in the bottom right corner. A preloaded template will appear. The more detailed the initial information provided, the faster the discussion will progress into a formal proposal.

All topics must include the following:

  • Title: Provide a brief summary of the proposal.
  • Summary: Give an overview of your proposal. (Up to 200 words)
  • Motivation: What problem does this proposal address?
  • Specification : Provide a detailed explanation of the proposed solution.
  • Benefits: How will this proposal benefit Starlay and its stakeholders?
  • Costs: What resources will be required to implement the proposed solution?
  • Time: How long does it take to implement?
  • Risk Management: What are the potential risks associated with the proposed solution, and how can we mitigate these risks?
  • Next Action: what is the next action for moving this forward?

Postings that violate the Terms of Use, such as content that defames someone, may be deleted and banned in accordance with the rules.

Phase 2. Proposal (Signaling)

Suppose the topic receives enough engagement from the community and aims to add value to both the protocol and the community. In that case, the forum admin will advance the discussion to the Proposal phase based on the requirements. This phase will last for 3 days, after which the discussion automatically moves to the Vote phase. During this phase, we dedicate enough time to deliberate constructively on the specific implementation risks and benefits for the community.

Phase 3. Vote

In the third phase, the proposal will be transferred to Starlay’s Snapshot page and made available only to Starlay veLAY holders. It is mandatory to hold at least veLAY to vote. Since this voting mechanism provides excellent accuracy and transparency, the result of this final vote will be the decisive factor for the proposal’s future. If successful, the proposal will be stored on-chain and proceed to the 4th phase: execution. All votes will be open for 3 days.

Phase 4. Execution

When all previous steps have been successfully passed, either the Starlay core team or other appropriate entities or individuals will operationalize the proposal. This will be done according to the plan, resources, and timeline defined in the proposal. Once the proposal is successfully executed, it will be communicated and announced in the following forum channel by the forum admin.