Governance and Rule

Greetings, everyone!

We’re delighted to welcome you to the Starlay Community. Our commitment is to cultivate a fully decentralized platform, fostering open dialogue, ensuring transparency, and promoting consensus-based decision making. Here are some guidelines to facilitate meaningful and productive discussions:

  • We focus on decisions that yield long-term benefits for the Starlay ecosystem, rather than short-term individual gains. When contributing a post, please explain how your suggestion bolsters the ecosystem’s health and progress.
  • Mutual respect is non-negotiable. Persuade others using cogent data and logical reasoning, avoiding emotional or inflammatory rhetoric.
  • Only substantial, information-rich posts and replies are encouraged. We maintain a clear and streamlined governance board for effective discussions.
  • Any posts deemed offensive or irrelevant will be promptly removed by our moderators.
  • Violation of these rules will result in an immediate ban.

This forum is primarily devoted to discussions on Starlay governance.

Key discussion areas include:

  • Governance
  • Token Listing
  • Protocol Performance and Updates
  • Technical Updates
  • Technical Integrations

However, please refrain from:

  • Other Protocols Discussions (incl. Kagla, Muuu)
  • Price Discussions

Stay connected with us on:

Discord: Starlay
Admin: @Neo, @SeiyaChida,

We’re making strides towards integrating snapshot functionality and a voting system into our governance protocol. Let’s collaboratively sculpt the future of Starlay!

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