Proposal for Starlay's Rule and Governance Structure



This proposal puts forward a governance structure for Starlay. It introduces a four-step governance process - Discussion, Proposal, Vote, and Execution, and sets clear rules and guidelines for community participation. The purpose is to seek community approval for this governance structure.
Once our community approves this proposal, the Starlay governance will start off with this structure.


With a growing Starlay community, it’s crucial that we implement a robust, clear, and fair governance structure. We aim to involve all community members in a transparent decision-making process that reinforces Starlay’s decentralized ethos.


The proposed governance structure involves four main phases - Discussion, Proposal, Vote, and Execution. The document outlines the rules for discussions and proposals, and provides an overview of the different phases.


This governance structure will help facilitate clear communication, ensure decisions are made with community consensus, and make the process of introducing and implementing changes more efficient.


Immediately applied

Risk Management

Given that we open our forum to everyone, it’s possible that discussions or suggestions not beneficial to the protocol may arise from malicious people. However, our dedicated administrators will handle such situations to ensure that the focus remains on the overall health and development of the protocol. This approach will help in maintaining a constructive dialogue within the community, promoting beneficial discussions, and efficiently managing any potential risks.

Next Action

The next step is to initiate a discussion on this proposed governance structure here. We invite all community members to provide their feedback and suggestions. After a thorough discussion, we will put the proposal to a vote via Snapshot.

Voting Schedule

Forum discussion: July 10, 09:00 UTC - July 13th, 09:00 UTC.
Snapshot Voting: July 13, 09:00 UTC - July 16, 09:00 UTC.


Make your voice heard. Vote now here! Snapshot


We’re excited to share that our recent snapshot vote has concluded. The proposal was passed with an overwhelming support of 87M VOTE and 100%! We want to express our gratitude to each and every one of you who participated. Your active participation truly shapes the direction of Starlay Finance.

As we move forward, we will continue to rely on our community’s input through our forum and voting mechanisms for major decisions. We deeply appreciate your active engagement and look forward to our shared journey ahead.

To review the vote results, follow this link: Snapshot

Thank you for being an essential part of our community as always!