Requirement to submit a proposal

Qualitative Requirements

Starlay’s Admins (@Neo and @SeiyaChida) are responsible for evaluating each proposal based on the qualitative requirements and content requirements specified below. Once a proposal meets these requirements, Admins will put forward the proposal for further discussion in the Starlay community.

  • Proposals must meet the following qualitative requirements:
  • Proposals must generate a net positive value for Starlay’s community of stakeholders.
  • Proposals must satisfy the described content requirements below.
  • Proposals must be well-planned and take into account any pertinent external effects.
  • Proposals must be feasible to implement considering the availability of resources.

Content Requirements

When creating a new topic in the Discussion channel, a template will automatically appear in the window. Please fill it in, ensuring the proposal contains the following:

  • Title: Provide a brief summary of the proposal.
  • Summary: Give an overview of your proposal. (Up to 200 words)
  • Motivation: What problem does this proposal address?
  • Specification : Provide a detailed explanation of the proposed solution.
  • Benefits: How will this proposal benefit Starlay and its stakeholders?
  • Costs: What resources will be required to implement the proposed solution?
  • Time: How long does it take to implement?
  • Risk Management: What are the potential risks associated with the proposed solution, and how can we mitigate these risks?
  • Next Action: what is the next action for moving this forward?