Starlay community hackathon program


Starlay community hackathon program


@SeiyaChida (Starlat Chan Initiative)


We are excited to introduce a community-led grants program for the Starlay community. This initiative is designed to fund innovative ideas and support a diverse network of community developers, creating new opportunities for builders. We’re keen to gather community feedback on this proposal. This initial phase serves as a test to gauge community interest and demand, with plans to continue based on the response.


Our goal is to provide resources that enhance and broaden Starlay’s capabilities, promoting sustainable growth. By tapping into the creativity within our community, we aim to foster a transparent, community-driven approach to bring these ideas to fruition. We also intend to invite service providers and, depending on the success of this pilot phase, we plan to make it an ongoing initiative.




  1. Learn about Starlay Finance: Review our documentation and forum.
  2. Submit your application via the form
  3. Selection of one team based on the reviews from the reviewers below (within 2 weeks).
  4. Chosen team to submit this form upon completion
    1. TBD
  5. Submission of final work.
  6. ASTR payment from the Starlay treasury.


  • Neo (Founder of Starlay Fianance)
  • David (Tech lead of Starlay Finance)
  • SeiyaChida (Founder of Starlay Chan Initiative)




  • Protocol development
  • Applications and integrations
  • Developer tools
  • Community engagement (marketing, education)
  • DAOs supporting the Starlay ecosystem
  • Code audits

KPI & Measures

Success Metrics:

  • Increase in the hackathon applications
  • Rise in projects, ideas, events
  • Boost in community engagement (Forum, Discord, etc.)
  • Growth in Starlay pools (TVL, borrow activity, unique addresses)

Subjective Measures:

  • Enhanced community sentiment
  • Improved market positioning of Starlay protocol


The Starlay Hackathon is a prime opportunity for protocol growth, talent discovery, and community involvement. Based on its success, we are considering making this a regular, monthly event to encourage ongoing innovation and collaboration. This aligns with our vision to continually expand Starlay’s capabilities and influence.


This is a good program!

I don’t have the ability to build it, but I can contribute ideas.

I think it would be useful if $LAY could be liquid staked.

Currently I lock $LAY to participate in governance, but on the other hand I would like to use it as collateral.

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Really excited to join this great hackathon!
As a Senior Blockchain Developer, I would like to contribute on Protocol Development and Applications and Integrations.
Hope to see more detailed requirements soon.


Thanks for joining!
muLAY is a liquid staking of LAY. While you can’t join in the governance voting, you can sell muLAY anytime and also get reward from Muuu voting at the same time.

Yes, I know about Muuu.

I actually have my $LAY locked on Muuu, but $muLAY cannot be used for Starlay collateral. Right?

Also, $muLAY is useless without staking.

This seems to be a different specification than $nASTR and other LSTs.

The $nASTR is rewarded just for possession.

Unfortunately, building the LST (Liquid Staking Token) of LAY is difficult and using $LAY as collateral is challenging as well now. This is because, firstly, LSTs generally need to be tokens with a significant market capitalization. $LAY does not meet these two criteria. Moreover, using it as collateral is problematic because its price is not stable.

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Seems like the community is in favor of this proposal. Also this hackathon is pilot phase, we need to do it first. Let’ escalate this to the next phase.

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