Bengaluru-focused Hackathon hosted by Starlay Finance


Bengaluru-focused Hackathon hosted by Starlay


@Seiya Chida (Starlay Chan Initiative)


Based on our community discussion (, SCI moves this initiation forward. I’m Seiya, a core contributor of Starlay, and I want to find engineers who have a passion for DeFi protocols. Since I live in Bengaluru, India, I think I would manage the Bengaluru DeFi House, where some DeFi engineers can work together for further contributions getting a monthly salary. To find the first group of engineers for Bengaluru DeFi House, I would like to propose the first hackathon for those who can work in India with us.

What you build

Anything related to Starlay. An optimized tool to enhance Starlay functions would be good such as related to Protocol development, Applications and integrations, Developer tools, Community engagement (marketing, education), DAOs supporting the Starlay ecosystem, Code audits

Hackathon Period

Entries will be accepted until the 31st Jan at 23:59 UTC. The deliverables must be deployed on the Astar or Acala mainnet, and the relevant GitHub link and description must be provided in the form. Hackathon period: Feb 5th - Feb 20th, 2024

Entry Qualifications

  • Familiar with Solidity and basic DeFi protocols (such as Uniswap and AAVE)
  • To be able to live in Bengaluru for a few months if you would win the hackathon.


  • $1,000 prize
  • Right to join Bengaluru DeFi House

Only winning teams (devs) will be awarded after the hackathon.



  1. Learn about Starlay Finance: Review our documentation and forum from the links at the bottom
  2. Submit your application via the form by 31st of Jan
  3. Selection of 1-2 teams (devs) based on the reviews from reviewers within 5 days (1st Jan - 5th Feb)
  4. Submission of final work by 20th of Feb
  5. ASTR payment from the Starlay treasury.


The hackathon itself will take place online, so it does not matter where you live now or if you participate alone or with multiple people. However, if you cannot stay in Bengaluru, please do not apply for this time.

Bengaluru DeFi House

We are looking for members for the first term of DeFi House from April to June. A maximum of 3-5 engineers will work on DeFi-related development. The development is not limited to Starlay; depending on the grant you apply for, you can experience the development of any kind of protocol.

During the term, you will receive a minimum monthly salary of $1,000 and a bonus based on the grant earned. Accommodation will be provided free of charge by us.

After the 3 month trial period, the good performers can get an opportunity to continue staying in the DeFi House with a higher base salary.

We look forward to the participation of motivated people who wish to work in the DeFi area in the future.


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