Noto Peninsula (Japan) Earthquake donation fund (令和6年能登半島災害支援募金)


Noto Peninsula (Japan) Earthquake donation fund (令和6年能登半島災害支援募金)


Seiya Chida(SCI)


Starlay Finance commits to supporting the Noto Peninsula Earthquake relief efforts in Japan. We are dedicating funds from our treasury to aid those affected by this disaster.


The recent earthquake in the Noto Peninsula has had a devastating impact. In response, Starlay Finance is stepping up to offer support. This effort reflects our ethos of community assistance and global responsibility.


  • Donation Amount: Starlay’s treasury will contribute $10,000 to the relief efforts.
  • Recipient Address: Astar Native Address: Y6bqhr65aCCydqbrD7gCNZKKSxK7k9pU4mNBhfMEy8MyCnj
  • Management and Distribution: The donation will be managed and distributed by the Astar Foundation and Startale Labs, ensuring that the funds are effectively used for emergency relief and recovery in the affected areas.

Next Steps

  1. Community Feedback: We invite our community’s input on this initiative.
  2. Proposal (Signaling) Phase: Following community feedback, we will move to formalize this commitment.
  3. Snapshot Polling Vote: A community vote will be conducted to solidify support for this contribution.

I definitely agree with this proposal. Thanks for the great proposal @SeiyaChida


Thank you Seiya-san for this suggestion.

I appreciate your call for assistance to the victims of the disaster in our country.
I support this suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey everyone. This is going to sound harsh, but please keep in mind that I deeply feel for what happened in Noto Peninsula.

That being said, there are a lot of bad things happening in the world and unfortunately we can’t help everyone.

Starlay has been under some pressure lately as to what has been achieved and how the project is progressing. I think Starlay is not yet in a position to donate funds to other organizations. Instead I’d opt for using the funds for either a longer runway or more development hours so the project can progress faster.

Starlay is still relying on the “build to earn” fees from Astar to survive. I don’t think it’s a wise decision to spend money on donations.

Please take into consideration how this will look to everyone outside of Starlay (and Japan) as well.


Nice proposal @SeiyaChida
I agree with proposal.
One thing I want to know is $10,000 worth what percentage of Starlay’s of all treasury ?


Hi @Patrick87
Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Indeed, our revenue currently depends solely on dapp staking earnings, and it seems we are not in a position to support others at this stage. The allocation of our limited resources should be used judiciously for Starlay’s growth.

However, reflecting on our past growth, it’s evident that we’ve greatly benefited from Japan. Our growth has been significantly aided by the Astar network, a public chain originating from Japan, and its user base. While it might not fully express my gratitude, I feel this is a good opportunity to give back to the community that has supported us so far.

Also the donation amount is set to be less than 1% of our Treasury (DeBank | The Web3 Messenger & Best Web3 Portfolio Tracker), so it shouldn’t impact Starlay’s growth significantly.

Thanks again for your comment. It’s great to see you’re considering the community’s best interests.

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Thanks for your comment! The amount is less than 1% of our treasury (Total $1,356,853). Detail here: DeBank | The Web3 Messenger & Best Web3 Portfolio Tracker


When I commented above, $10000 was about 0.71% of Starlay Treasury (now it is about 0.72%) :memo:
So, in percentage terms, I don’t think it will have much of an impact on Starlay’s future activities.


I appreciate your proposal as a Japanese person.

However, I agree with @Patrick87 .
I am against donating from the treasury for any disaster.
Starlay is a global project.
If we donate from the treasury for this disaster, it would not be fair if we do not donate for other countries’ disasters.
Therefore, the amount of donation does not matter.

Astar Foundation is not donating from the treasury but is collecting donations from the community, which I thought was a good idea.
If Starlay collects donations from the community, I will support it and be happy to help.

However, whatever the voting result may be, I will respect the will of the community.