Liquidity Provision Operation from Astar Community

Dear Starlay community,

I’m sending a message here on behalf of Astar Network community.

We had been operating “Liquidity Provision” based on the result of the voting of Astar governance.

The period was defined “up to 1 year” and the operation started on 10th July, 2022.

Because of this, the operation has been completed and the liquidity has been withdrawn.

I’m here to notify you.

To discuss further operations, it would be great if someone from the Starlay DAO is assigned to coordinate with an assigned Astar Ambassador to lead further steps and conversations.

Thank you.


Dear ShunP,

Thank you for the notification. I will be taking charge of this matter on behalf of Starlay community. Could you please elaborate on the further discussions regarding operations?


Thank you so much for your reply!

Let me connect you with Astar ambassador.
They will follow up.