Support LAY Emission from Starlay’s Treasury


Title: Support LAY Emission from Starlay’s Treasury

Date: April 1st, 2024

Proposed by: Starlay Chan Initiative (SCI)



  • The emission of LAY concluded in March, leaving April without incentive distribution.
  • To bridge this gap, we propose distributing the March emission amount over the next six months.
  • This six-month period provides ample time until the new protocol is launched on the mainnet.
  • With March 2024’s emission being 2,889,355 LAY, we aim to distribute a total of 17,336,130 LAY from the Treasury over the six months.



Next Steps

  • Initiate a comprehensive discussion within the community to solicit feedback on the proposal.
  • Evaluate and refine the proposal based on suggestions and alternative options raised during community discussions.
  • Proceed to the signaling phase to gauge community support.