Delisting aUSD (aSEED)

While it has been previously suspended, aUSD, which will no longer be necessary for continuous operation due to the transition to aSEED, will be delisted from Starlay’s Collateral. There is an option to keep aSEED as a replacement, but it does not serve as a functional stable coin. For the security of Starlay, it is preferable to proceed with the delisting of aUSD.

Amidst the active discussions about potentially adding new collaterals in the future, there is a strong desire to smoothly remove inactive assets. In the case of aSEED, it is expected to take a considerable amount of time to meet the collateral requirements going forward, so there is no need to consider relisting it at the moment.

Delisting aUSD(SEED) from the collateral list on Starlay.

Users will no longer need to see unnecessary (inactive) assets on the list.

Immediately applied.

Risk Management
For the depositer of aUSD, aUSD will be still shown if users have deposit position. (UI will be changed based on the position)

Next Action
The validity will be discussed to determine the feasibility of delisting.

Voting Schedule
Forum discussion: July 28, 09:00 UTC - July 31st, 09:00 UTC
Snapshot Voting: July 31, 09:00 UTC - Aug 3rd, 09:00 UTC


Thanks for the aSEED update! This is yuzhu from the Acala team.

Acala converted aUSD to aSEED in July, and the on-chain assetRegistry had been updated with the new symbol (aSEED) and name (aUSD SEED).

Ensure displays the correct symbol and name, so request Starlay help to also modify the aUSD symbol and name to aSEED.

For more details on aSEED Conversion:

aSEED new logo:

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