Transparency Report: Starlay Finance Contract Addresses and Financial Statistics

Contract address of Starlay Finance

As part of our commitment to full transparency in financial operations and to ensure that all revenues are shared with the community, the core team does not receive any of it. We are providing full visibility of all the addresses that are involved in Starlay’s finance.

Moving forward with this commitment, and as a result of our recent snapshot vote aimed at enhancing our operational security and transparency, we are transitioning our assets to a new Multisig address. The new Multisig address is 0x99BaeBbd28BaC1125B84Ce1e4B49f077049122e3

This transition means that the following assets, previously managed by their respective addresses, will now be overseen by the new Multisig address:

Regularly Buyback for LAY:
Previously managed by: 0x874D6608e6a8aAf3243F3a483C43483fD3334eBc

ASTR collected by IDO and associated Buyback:
Previously managed by: 0x9fea791E2Df819d209F9a60078a5258F0F2c547C

Liquidity Provider:
Previously managed by: 0xfddcf720BD33cB282048d7373C72940D59E1b174

dApp Staking Reward:
Previously managed by: b9AB1qFXsw81RuTBQ1sCP6PQ6k27QXWoe7VHrv9m6iwmBRK

It should be noted that while the tokens from the Liquidity Provider’s address have been moved, the LP tokens remain at their original location. The Liquidity Provider’s address remains unchanged and will continue operating as before.

For your reference: The address used for manual reward returns in the past (the Tx shows how much was returned every two weeks) is 0xa3c143bf757C0D538143A4757032E64Aed239df0

Starlay Statistics

Starlay’s goal is to provide a complete and accurate picture of our financial status, and we believe sharing our statistics is a critical part of this process. This allows our community members to monitor our progress and offer their insights on our operations. You can check the following spreadsheet to keep an eye on the historical data of Starlay: Starlay Finance: Monthly Financial Report - Google Sheets

Here are some key statistics in the statics

  • GMV
    • Net deposits: Total amount of assets deposited by users in the Starlay platform, after deducting the total amount of assets withdrawn.
    • Active Borrows: Total value of assets currently borrowed by users in the Starlay platform.
  • Income Statement
    • Fees: Total interest + liquidation fees paid by borrowers.
    • Supply-side fees: Share of interest + liquidation fees that goes to the lenders.
    • Revenue: Share of interest + liquidation fees that goes to the protocol (Rewards for the voters).
  • Market data
    • Price: Current trading price of the LAY token.
    • Circulating supply: Number of LAY tokens currently being traded in the market. (Including locked veLAY)
    • Fully diluted market cap: Market capitalization of Starlay if all tokens, including those not currently in circulation, were issued.
    • Circulating market cap: Market capitalization of Starlay based on the number of LAY tokens currently in circulation.

Also we disclosing our veLAY revenue result

We understand that trust is earned, and we are committed to earning yours. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions about our transparency efforts. Together, we can create a more open and effective platform.

Based on the results of our Snapshot vote, we have moved funds to the Multisig address: 0x99BaeBbd28BaC1125B84Ce1e4B49f077049122e3. We’ve updated the above sentence. Please check it out.

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