Polkasafe App & SDK for Starlay Finance

Dear Starlay Community,
I am Jaski, co-founder Polkasafe and I am here to present a case for use of Polkasafe as the multisig product for the Starlay ecosystem.

About Polkasafe -
Built with the goal to make treasury management easy in Polkadot ecosystem, Polkasafe was launched few months ago and slowly grew to be the best Multisig solution in the ecosystem.
Non-custodial, efficient and with an amazing UX.

Why Polkasafe -

  1. Easily create, manage multiple multisig accounts from one dashboard
  2. Polkasafe allows you to add context to these transactions with Categories, meta-labels and tags making it easier to share this data with the community for enhanced transparency.
  3. Shared address book which makes multisig management easy for all signatories
  4. Polkasafe enables you to set up Notification bots on slack, discord, Telegram (element - soon) and email. This takes away the need to coordinate signers and chase them for signatures.
  5. Transaction Queue and History with complete categorized data allows you to do accounting and analytics with ease.
  6. Polkasafe is available on both Astar & AlephZero apart from Polkadot, Kusama and test networks.
  7. We are launching EVM support in the next 15-20 days. You’ll then be able to manage all your multisigs on Substare and EVM(Gnosis-Safe) from one dashboard.

We are a dedicated team working everyday to improve the multisig experience in Polkadot ecosystem and I strongly believe that the core team and community will hugely benefit from adoption of Polkasafe for their multisig needs.

What else**?**
Polkasafe SDK can be integrated into Starlay allowing users to securely store & manage their assets in multisig wallets and still being able to securely use their favorite dApp.

Checkout the app here - https://app.polkasafe.xyz/

Happy to address any questions and community requests for the product! :slight_smile:


We should use Polkasafe over Astar safe in Astar, Polkasafe provides a much better user experience.


Thank you for the detailed introduction to Polkasafe and its capabilities. The ability to use it across multiple networks is especially impressive.

Currently, we have implemented AstarSafe, but when setting up Multisig on AlephZero, we’ll certainly reach out for further discussion. Furthermore, we’re considering transitioning from AstarSafe to PolkaSafe in the future.

Your platform’s features, particularly the comprehensive dashboard and enhanced transparency tools, are promising for our needs. We’ll keep this in mind as we evaluate our multisig solutions moving forward. Thanks again for sharing!

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Thankyou Seiyan for the update. We look forward to supporting Starlay Finance.