Growth Proposal

Who are we?
We are a marketing agency based in the Netherlands. We are a skilled and well-connected European company that has been working in the Crypto space for several years. You can find our cases on our website: Cases - Xposure

At Xposure Today we never offer one particular service package as other agencies, we try to get in touch with our client to receive a higher level of the project’s structure and understanding, hence we always create a package based on our clients’ wishes.
Please head over to our website for information about us:

Which services do we offer?
At Xposure Today we always create a tailored campaign for our clients, service examples may include:

  • Full DeFi preparation
    We provide a full turn-key solution for DeFi project start. (Audit optional)
    We create the full turn-key solution from the essentials for your successful STO/ICO/IEO launch.
  • Marketing influencers (All tiers possible)
    YouTube/Twitter influencers from all tiers.
  • Growth Hacking packages (Reddit(Top crypto-related subreddits), 4chan, Bitcointalk, Quora and many more.
    Engaging hot/trending topics about your project.
  • Search engine optimization (keyword research for target audience, engaging content)
  • Technical, Internal and External optimization to receive much more engagement.
    Social media management (tailored made social media strategy, including gfx from our end)
  • Receive our professional guidance to create much more engaging content across social media platforms.
  • Community management (24/7 Telegram/Discord management - 3 shifts of 8.5h)
    Add 3 professional moderators to your channel to create a much more mature group.
  • Top media PR (Please inquire for more info)
    PR articles on tier 1 websites such as Yahoo, Bloomberg and many more.
    PR articles for other websites (Packages on our website on the worldwide pr page)

Other crypto-related services: (DexTools trending/banner, Instagram/Facebook ad banners, Twitter ad-banners, BSCScan/Etherscan ad-banners, Reddit and 4chan ad banners.

What we exactly would propose depends on your interests We could for example schedule a call to discuss what you may be looking for, and after that, we will come up with a tailored plan according to your interests.

Feel free to schedule a call with us: Calendly - Howard Miller

Please take your time to review our proposal and feel free to ask any questions

Looking forward to hearing from you! :pray:t3:

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